We are experts in all kinds of feed mill manufactury systems. We provide full design, construct and equip manufacturing, business, service facility with quality, efficiency, and economical ways


 The company's production focus on livestock feed mill machinery and equipment. We are able to design feed mill machinery for all of your needs, implementing a perfect solution which is the most consistent quality of production. We analyze and develop a mechanical system to provide the maximize customers' profit. 


We have more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacturer of the feed mill equipment. We are willing to help you with all question concerns of feed equipment either before or after-sale service. We have extensive knowledge of the specific processes and raw materials required and we always provide all of the best solutions for our clients.


Installation Service is one of the most important stages. We have a specific team for machinery installation and start-up training. We ensure that all equipment will be reached the full operating efficiency by exhaustive testing


 Our technical team stands by and is ready to service fast and correct maintenance to save your cost and time.